Who We Are


It's all about encouraging the mentality of freedom.

We are a Dubai based brand eradicating impossibilities by pushing the boundaries between fantasy and the reality of today’s society.

We are promoting free thought and inciting critical thinking through our media experiences and apparel that include both clothing and accessories. With a particular aesthetic each of our design tells a story backed by a visual experience that inspires a conversation.


 C/O Tayo Okoya


Vanguard interview

My fashion pieces are art worn as clothes 


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PAUSE Feature

Introducing WBF & Their Third Collection “Overdue Awakening”


“I strongly believe that this generation has so much to offer the world but we are constantly slept on, taken for granted and overlooked due to our liberal beliefs and our attitude. The message behind this collection is that we’re tired of being slept on, which is why on one of our designs you can literally see a cartoon character sleeping on WBF.”

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17 black-owned businesses in the UAE that should be on your radar

PSA: Support your local black-owned businesses!



Graphic Tees, Cali-cool prints and the slogan are amongst some of the reasons why we love this streetwear brand, every piece is incredibly curated to match everyone's style.

Cosmopolitan feature



Taking a deeper look at 'World Black Fantasy'. Commonly known for its psychedelic merch, the founder, Tayo talks about how the recent events of racism, social injustice, and the Black Lives Matter movement have influenced his latest designs. This episode is part of Street Dreams Dubai series titled ’Meet’ – taking a deeper look inside the lives of creators and individuals that we feel have a story to tell. Going beyond the realm of their social media handles and give their followers/fans an insight into how they perfect their craft. 




In-depth interview exploring what drives WBF forward and the not so easy process of setting up a brand in Dubai.

Ya3ni Magazine - Black Lives Matter issue



 An insight into our exclusive interview with Cake dxb where we discuss how we got into designing our own line, inspirations behind the new world collection & what we aim to achieve as an apparel.


Cake DXB interview